Historic Sports Racer

Welcome to the home of California’s Classic Sports Racing Group (CSRG) Race Group 4. Beginning with CSRG’s opening round at Sonoma Raceway April 13-14, Race Group 4 will undergo a facelift. Previously home to under 2-liter sports racing cars, Group 4 will now feature two classes, for over and under 2-liter sports racing cars as featured in the UNITED STATES ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIP that ran from 1963 to 1968. On this site you will see cars that will be featured in the new group, get a sense of the schedule and find out how to get involved.

CSRG is the home of so many historically significant race cars from a time where the marques of Lola, Genie, Chaparral, McLaren, Lotus, Beach, Crossle, Merlyn, Brabham, Elva, Bobsy, Leonheart and Porsche filled the pages of race results. Driven by heroes such as JIM HALL, KEN MILES, ROGER PENSKE, AUGIE PABST, CHUCK PARSONS, PEDRO RODRIGUEZ, GEORGE FOLLMER, MARK DONOHUE, LOTHAR MOTSCHENBACHER, BOB BONDURANT, MASTEN GREGORY, JOHN MORTON and countless others, this was the race series of champions.

Many of the magnificent cars featured on this site competed in the original series. Today, racing with CSRG, these cars are speeding projectiles of history from one of the most famous and competitive racing series ever. For more information on the series, explore this site, or contact us