Historic Sports Racer

Car Eligibility


 All Sports Racing Cars built between 1963 and 1968, of both under and over two liters are eligible. So are sports cars that ran with the USRRC period, such as Cobras, Porsches and more. Our goal is a big coherent grid for each class, so if this looks like fun, contact us. We are running under the CSRG rules for driver eligibility and competition, see details here and to contact the series administrator, go here

Driver Eligibility

All CSRG and sister club (any VMC club, like HMSA, VARA, SOVREN, SVRA, SCCA, FIA) licensed drivers, with clean records are eligible. The series places VERY high standards on driving, judgment, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. So driving and behaving outside of the spirit of the group, will not be tolerated.


For 2019, there will be 3 races. If the series is successful we will expand in 2020 to events at Laguna Seca, and with other host clubs, enduros and more.

2019 Schedule

Race 1 - The 2019 David Love Memorial races April 12-14 at Sonoma Raceway to enter click here

Race 2 - Spring Races at Thunderhill May 3-5 at Thunderhill Raceway Park will be double points races… so anyone entering this event, will generate twice the normally available points. Thunderhill is huge fun, and we really want you all to come… to enter click here

Race 3 - 2019 Charity Challenge and series finale, October 4-6 at Sonoma Raceway to enter click here

Raceday Format

Saturday morning is qualifying and the points and awards race is Saturday afternoon. The podium and awards party will be held immediately following the Saturday afternoon race. Competitors are urged to pit together, and bring all their friends and family to the awards party in the paddock. Sunday is a regular club race, where group photos, inverted grids or other shenanigans may feature.


Prizes and Awards

All competitors that enter the three series events, will be eligible for awards and trophies at the Charity Challenge

The 2019 USRRC Trophies for over and under 2 liter cars. This award will be given to the driver that exemplifies the spirit of the series… both driving and preparation.

Best Cars Trophies… preparation, attention to detail and originality will count for this beautiful trophy.

The Series MVP Trophy will go to the driver who drove all the events, and performed at a high level and was a big help to the group. Speed is not the focus, but consistency, smoothness and judgement.

Race Medals and Championship Trophies for the Over and Under two liter podiums will be awarded at each race and a Participant Medal will be given to every driver at the Charity Challenge