CSRG Announces a new Series for Sports Racing Cars.

CSRG Racing announces the launch of the 2019 USRRC Tribute series. Building on the success of the Crossflow Cup, the USSRC Tribute is the first of several new Championships, that bring together racers who love a particular type of car, and enjoy the friendship and shared experience within the group.

The brainchild of Group 4 regular Mike Summers and CSRG President Locke De Bretteville, the 2019 Series will test the waters, with a goal of 20 cars per event, lots of great parties and if successful, to expand to Laguna Seca and other host clubs in 2020.

As a tribute to the great U S Road Racing Championships of the 1960’s, the USRRC Tribute will run under 2 liter and over 2 liter classes under a single banner. All sports racing cars and sports cars built between 1963 and 1968 are eligible and competitors who would like their cars considered, should contact the series leader.


The series will award trophies for car preparation, great driving and sportsmanship, as well as for podium finishes for each class. Like the Crossflow Cup, the USRRC group will emphasize high driving standards, sportsmanship and fun. Coaching and driver development will be available for those drivers who want to come more comfortable in their cars. For more information visit https://www.historicsportsracer.com or contact the series admin here CONTACT

Andrew Wait