Thunderhill was awesome!

Greetings fellow USRRC drivers, owners and fans.  When last we left our merry group, many of you had the perilous decision to make about conflicting race locations…. Willows or Monterey?  Well we all know where most of you decided to go (I much prefer Monterey as well), so the Group 4/USRRC turn out for the May 3/4/5 Thunderhill race was quite small but full of enthusiasm!

Friday and Saturday practice sessions allowed a couple of our newer drivers and cars to get some much-needed track and seat time to sort out new car bugs.  Saturday afternoons main event was toasty, around 90 degree’s, with extra minutes added for additional track time.  Main event finishing order was Michael Summers in his ex- Frank Monise Lotus 23b, Karl Krause finishing second in his beautiful yellow Mk4b Beach with John Grosseto claiming third in his newly acquired Mk 7s Elva.  Fellow Beach driver Dennis Losher spent the weekend sorting teething problems on his Mk4b but got some valuable track time and was listed as 4th in the finishing order.

Thanks to Andrew Wait’s invitation, our podium awards are now held in conjunction with the Crossflow Cup crew.  The result was wonderful, sharing a Champagne shower with a dozen other drivers.  Much thanks to all of our CSRG staff, Thunderhill crew and fellow drivers who kept it clean, fast and fun and of course a shout out to our friends at VICTORY LANE MAGAZINE for documenting our adventures.

Thunderhill CSRG.jpg

The point standings after two of the three scheduled rounds (second round at T Hill was “double points”).  Points are based on FIA Formula One, First 25, Second 18, Third 15, then 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, and 1.

Under 2 liter standings

Mike Summers                              65 points

Karl Krause                                    36 points

John Grosseto                                30 points

Duke Zander                                  25 points

Dennis Losher                               24 points

David Hagan                                 18 points

David Alvarado                             12 points

Leland Osborn                               10 points

Jon Rosenthal                                  8 points

Dave Olson                                      6 points

Randy Hill                                        4 points

Robert Davis                                   2 points

Arthur Cook                                     1 points

Over 2 liter Standings

Carl Moore                                   25 points

Mac McGarry                               18 points

Taylor Fudge                                 15 points

We now are looking forward to the CSRG Charity Challenge the weekend of October 5/6 at Sonoma Raceway.  I personally love this race as it brings out in the neighborhood of nearly 300 cars for our club event.  Let’s put this event on our calendar!  Get the gearbox put back together.  Get crackin on the brake rebuild.  Adjust the camber and be sure to make your hotel reservations!!  In other words, DON’T MISS THIS EVENT.  Great racing over two days and an outstanding party Saturday night.  Let’s try and field a 30-car grid!  You have time!  Entries are now open and being accepted!    

Andrew Wait